You will need to submit five different types of documents.

  1. Creative writing manuscripts should be double-spaced.  Please send your best work.  Literary Nonfiction:  Maximum 20 pages 

  2. Applicants must upload unofficial transcripts of their entire post-secondary academic record to the online application, including all undergraduate- and graduate-level coursework. Transcripts that are not stated in English must be accompanied by a translation into English.

    Please do not request and mail official transcripts from these institutions as part of the application process. Unofficial transcripts are sufficient for the faculty’s review of your application.

  3. Critical Analysis: Maximum three pages exploring some aspect or element of craft in a literary work.

     4.  Personal Essay: Maximum of three pages addressing the following:

   • Applicant’s background in the study of creative writing and literature

    • Literary influences on applicant’s writing,  including the titles of books in your genre by writers you feel have shaped your thinking (not including our MFA faculty)

     •  How applicant’s work, family, or other obligations will accommodate devoting 20 to 25 hours per week to writing and to the completion of other program requirements

 • Reasons why an online MFA program suits the applicant’s level of experience and goals for future development as a writer.

5.  Please upload three letters of recommendation from writers, educators, or editors who can judge the applicant's potential for success in an online graduate writitng program. 

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